Chakra Illustration by Kathryn Dawes

What is a Chakra?

Chakras have been dated back to the Aryan tribe, an Indo-European tribe who settled in India over three thousand years ago. The Aryan tribe travelled to India by chariots, and the Sanskrit word for the wheels was pronounced as ‘Chakra’, translated it means ‘Spinning Wheel’. The word Chakra is also a metaphor for the Sun, as it rolled across the sky, it soon became associated as ‘the wheel of time’ representing Heavenly Order.

Chakras are spinning wheels or energy vortexes, similar shape to a tornado. They are compact and near the skin’s surface, narrower at the skin then gradually get wider as it extends out from the physical body. These vortex’s are openings for energy to flow in and out of the aura, an exchange of energy with the UEF (Universal Energy Field) is experienced by feeling, seeing, hearing, direct knowing and intuition. Each Chakra vibrates at a different rate, as a result they absorb energy from the UEF which is harmonically related to their own frequency and the organ they are associated with.

Each human body has a Chakra system which contains seven major chakras and numerous minor chakras, often depicted as a lotus flower. The Chakra system originates from the etheric/subtle body, which means they are connected to the physical cellular structure through fine subtle energy channels which are known as Auric Fibres or Nadis. These fibres enable the vital life-force (energy) from the Chakra’s to be distributed to the physical body.

The function of the Chakra system is to metabolise the energy from the The Human Energy Field (HEF), and UEF. The Chakra’s translate the high frequency energy into glandular hormonal output which has an effect on the entire body, if all the Chakra’s are open then the energy will flow freely around the body which results in a healthy human system.

The Chakra system also distributes energy through the auric layers, each auric layer has specific Chakra which connects with the Chakra’s in the higher layer above and the layer below. Chakra’s are also associated with perceptual function, and when combined with the inter connection of the nervous and hormonal system this influences the psychodynamic of the individual. This connection between mind, physical body and subtle body’s will determine the state of health and well-being of the individual.

In yoga philosophy, the physical body has counterpart called the subtle body which consists of layers of varying degrees of subtleness ranging from Dense through to Subtle. Yoga philosophy believes that Chakras are present within the subtle body and they penetrate into the physical body as force-fields.

Chakras and their locations

There are seven main Chakra’s and several minor Chakras’.


1st Chakra – Base / Root ‘Muladhara’
Located inside the coccyx at the base of the spine (first three vertebrae) and groin area (above the anus but below the genitals).

2nd Chakra – Sacral Centre ‘Svadhisthana’
Located at the sacrum (genital area towards the abdomen and at hip level), linked with sexuality, reproduction and creativity.

3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus ‘Manipura’
Located at the solar plexus (navel / diaphragm level). Between the stomach and chest but further back from the spinal column., Associated with the sense of identity.

4th Chakra – Heart ‘Anahata’
Located at the heart (mid chest level, towards the spinal column), associated with higher consciousness and love.

5th Chakra – Throat ‘Vishuddha’
Located at the base of the throat (where it joins the chest, towards the spinal column), linked to creativity and self-expression.

6th Chakra – Brow / Third Eye (Frontal Chakra) ‘Ajna’
Located just above and between the eyes, linked with intelligence and psychic power.

7th Chakra – Crown ‘Sahasrara’
Located above the head, links the individual with the universal.

Soul Star Chakra
The 8th  chakra is known as the Soul Star Chakra (seat of the soul), located above the crown chakra, above the top of the head.

The Earth Star Chakra
Located about 11-12 inches below your feet. The Earth Star Chakra is a layer of your subtle body, this is linked with Mother Earth and all humanity.

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